How to Extract Harmful Fumes from Industrial Applications and Produce Clean Air

Many industrial machines, (ex. laser welding machines) produce dangerous fumes which, if not properly filtered, could cause serious health risks or even death for the employees who operate them. These machines and also smaller applications, like soldering stations should be interfaced with air extraction and filtration machines.

Contact a manufacturer of air extraction and filtration machines. Many air filtration company web sites offer tools to help you choose the correct machine and filter combination needed to filter the type of fumes or vapors present in your application. There are a number of harmful pollutants that may be filtered using the correct machine and filter combination including dust, gases, laser emissions, vapors, odors, etc. Invest enough time to make the correct decision as to which machine and filters will best work in your application.

Install the recommended machine, strictly adhering to the manufacturer's specifications, and be sure to use the correct filters. Keep several copies of the installation and maintenance instructions that were provided with the machine. If you have questions, do not hesitate to call the manufacturer. Improper installation could result in serious injury or death. Keep a supply of replacement filters in stock in order to avoid unnecessary down time or the temptation to operate without filtering the air.

Clean the air filtration machine regularly and replace the filters on schedule so that it continues to operate efficiently. Some air filtration machines include a warning system to alert the user when a filter is too saturated and needs replacement.

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