How to Detect Boats in a Log Flume Ride
It’s time for yearly maintenance and you need a reliable solution to replace the sensors in your log flume attraction. Try industrial infrared photoelectric sensors to keep your log flume running trouble-free year round.

Purchase an industrial infrared photoelectric system. Check the ratings on the photo eyes and be sure they have an IP67 rating or better. Also check their range to be sure it is more than adequate to cover the entire distance across the river. If the photo eyes need to operate underwater, choose the most powerful combination of transmitter and receiver available.
Mount the photo eyes in a through-beam configuration for the best performance. Do not rely on reflectors because they will cause problems as they get dirty. If the photo eyes will spend any length of time underwater, it is a good idea to purchase the hard-wired cable version instead of a quick-disconnect type. If you do use quick-disconnect sensors, be sure to squirt dielectric grease into the connectors before attaching them together. This will help keep the connections dry and the pins free from corrosion.

Ask the manufacturer or distributor of photoelectric sensors for a demo set to test in your ride application before you buy. Try several sets from different companies side-by-side to determine which ones work the best. Follow a strict maintenance schedule and replace the photo eyes at least once a year. Your visitors will appreciate the extended ride uptime that quality sensors provide.

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