How to Detect Burn Through in Welding Applications for Quality Control

In gas metal arc welding applications, there is a problem caused when the weld metal penetrates fully through the base metal.  This condition is known as "burn through" and it normally occurs on thin materials that are less than a quarter of an inch thick.

Fortunately, there is a specialty light sensing system available to detect this condition.  The ILD-1000 infrared detection system from the German manufacturer Pantron Instruments, GmbH is designed specifically for the detection of this burn through condition. It detects the presence or absence of intensive, non-uniform light that typically arises from arc welding and laser welding of metallic pieces.

The ILD system's controller constantly monitors the infrared arc and provides error detection in the case that there is an interruption in that light. The complete system consists of the evaluation device ILD-1000 and the infrared photoelectric sensor model IR-M12VA.

This system was developed and tested in collaboration with leading global suppliers of robotic systems and welding plants. It is already successfully established by several prominent automotive suppliers, rolling bearing and plant manufacturers

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